Sunday Service:

 8:30am Morning Prayer

 10am Holy Communion

                                                                                                  Please see Watch & Listen to see 
                                                                                                                the Sunday service
                                                                                                   on YouTube  after 2pm (on Sunday)
                                                                                                              or click on link below:

                                                                                                Sunday May 22th May



Toddlers service is now on YouTube (search- St Mary’s Church,Jersey) and Facebook 

Our Rector, Tim Neill, leads the way with his humour and warmth, which is evident in every service and group activity. He is a great character who is keen for the Jersey community to experience a divine work in our day, in us, through us and out into our wider community, that is so wonderful we would not believe it if we were told of it. 

Holy Communion: Sunday 10am
Traditional Holy Communion: Sunday 8:30am

Services & Groups

We provide family friendly services and group activities, as well as focusing on individual growth and well-being. Come and experience a real sense of belonging and purpose so you can grow deeper in your faith, love and spirituality.

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

Want to arrange a baptism, wedding or funeral?
We do those too.

Still got questions?

Contact us today and we’ll let you know more.


St Mary’s Parish Church
La Route de Ste Marie
St Mary’s Village
Jersey JE3 3DB


The Rector Tim Neill
T: 484678
M: 07797 815591

The Rectory
La Route de Ste Marie, St. Mary
Jersey JE3 3DB

Groups & Activities

Childrens’ Ministry

Toddlers Service

Every Thursday morning (all the time, not just in term time)

10:00-10:45 in church.

Vivienne Dorey: 863858

St Mary’s Ladies Circle

Elisabeth Wood (Chairman): 869540

Alice Huelin (Secretary): 483411
Cynthia Cotillard (Treasurer): 482543


Discover the Meaning of Life.

Starting 16th September 2021, at Moulin de Lecq pub.

For more information about Alpha please go to

Tim Neill: 07797 815 591