About us

At St Mary’s Parish Church,Jersey, we aim to provide a family-friendly vibrant place of worship that is full for every main service and one that enables faith, love and spirituality to grow ever deeper.

We believe God. We believe his love for us is real. We believe there are no outsiders Gods love, none at all. We believe faith in Jesus changes our lives for good and for God. We believe that finding faith in Jesus, gives us real and new joy, peace,love and hope. He is the best person you can ever meet and know.


Enquiries and bookings can be made by contacting The Rector Tim Neill


Baptisms are usually held during Family Services on the first Sunday of the month. If you are not living in the parish you should have some link to the parish – like having grown up here, or your grandparents are from here, and the like. There is an application form which starts the process.Please contact the Rector Tim Neill, should you wish to have your child baptised.There is no charge for baptism, except for a small administration charge.


We understand that there is so much to do to prepare for a wedding that we make the church side of things as seamless and as easy as possible. Once you have agreed to be married, contact the Rector Tim Neill to discuss church availability for possible dates and times and he will send the application form.

The merry Rector usually meets with couples three times before they marry to make sure that necessary details are addressed.

Our aim is to make sure we give you a wedding day that is truly memorable.  

St Mary’s Church is particularly beautiful inside and out and many happy weddings have taken place here.

Professional photographers enjoy the creativity created by the rectors style in leading the marriage service.


Your Funeral Director will help you arrange these, but you can call the Rector Tim Neill if you have any queries. We’re also happy to conduct Memorial Services for those who have died away from the Island, or when ashes are returning to be placed in a family grave. All new graves are now situated in the Parish Cemetery opposite the church. Separate plots are available for the interment of ashes after cremation. Your Funeral Director will discuss your wishes and will liaise with the Rector on your behalf.

About our building

Here’s a handy guide to the St Mary’s Parish Church building.

Want to know more?

Here’s a link to the theislandwiki.

Our Officers & Volunteers

Rector:  Reverend Canon Tim Neill

Churchwardens:  Frank Wood and Dr Rob Greig

Almoners: Ann Watson and Laura Pittman

Treasurer:  Richard Engleman

Deanery Synod Representatives:  The Rector and Frank Wood

Communion Servers:  Richard Dorey and Ann Watson

Sacristans: Liz de Gruchy, Jo Gosselin,Kate Inses and Sharon Wilcock

Data Protection Office:  Tim Neill

Organists:  Liz Wood and Robin Pittman

Sidespersons:  Rob Greig, Frank Wood, Ann Watson, Millie and Elizabeth Dorey

Verger:  Frank Wood

Child Protection Officer and Safeguarding Officer: Dr Kirstie Ross

Church Secretary:  Carol Neill

Audio & sound controller:  Tony Rees-Williams

Ladies Circle Chairman:  Liz Wood

Ladies Circle secretary: Alice Huelin

Flower Rota:  Sharon Knight

Readers’ Rota:  Richard Dorey

Toddlers Service:  Vivienne Dorey

Alpha Course:  The Rector

Embrace, Middle East Representative:  Gillian Arthur

Bible Society Representative:  Richard Dorey

Still got questions?

Contact us today and we’ll let you know more.