Climate change

We, at St Mary’s, believe that the church is called to be a community that cares passionately for God, for one another but also for our community and for our world.


We believe that the world is God’s and that we are stewards of his creation.  It is our responsibility to care for the world and look after it.  We have to be able to look our grandchildren in the eye and affirm that we, in our time, did the best to protect and save the planet.  We want to hand over the good earth to those who follow.


How we live out this calling will vary from individual to individual.


Some of us are part of the Extinction Rebellion and very proud to be actively seeking to make policies earth friendly.  Some of us are supporters of Greta Thunberg and her work.


Most of us are endeavouring to do our own ‘bit’ reducing use of plastic, keeping down our use of carbon fuels, supporting and encouraging others to do the same.


Below is a link to a London church website ,showing special interest in climate change.